That is what my Lolo (my grandpa) says as he takes a picture of our family. With each click of the camera, we would hear that rolling “R” dancing through the air. And like clockwork, we all would respond with affectionate laughter, prompting us to unleash our best impression, blending those Tagalog and English accents together. 

Every time we get together for a holiday, birthday, or any type of celebration, my Lolo possesses an unwavering passion for capturing moments with his family. In the realm of social media, my Lolo immediately shares these cherished photographs, a profound way for him to share his legacy and gratitude with other family members who live across the world. 

When I look at all the pictures he has taken throughout the years, I am reminded of the countless chapters of our collective journey. The nostalgic smiles, the shared laughters, the tears of both sorrow and joy - they all exist with those frozen fragments of time. They remind me that our family, like the seasons, evolves and flourishes, leaving behind footprints of love and resilience. 

So, within the simple words - “One, two, rrrrready” - lies the the unbreakable thread that weaves our story, our heritage, and our boundless love. Because with each picture produced, our celebrations come alive. 


Meet Monette

Monette Wagner, Photographer in Indianapolis

"One, Two, Rrrrrready"

oh hey!

On weekends, we love putting a record on and dance while we have enjoy our Saturday morning pancakes. 

The girls have their own film cameras that like using as well. I think it teaches them they don't need to look for the the beauty they want to capture;  it's already there.

We love adventuring to our local restaurants trying new food. Our most recent hobby is  learning how to grove thriving plants in our urban garden. 

I Live Life with my Husband, Jeremy, and our 3 kids, Vivienne, Ellie, and Xavier (and our dog, Benji, too!)

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My husband and I got our maternity shoot done with Monette. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and she made us feel really comfortable throughout the shoot. The pictures came out beautiful and the quality of her work is top-notch. I would totally choose her again ... and would recommend others to pick her as well. Thanks Monette :)


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